Deploying the perfect WiFi design that meets the demands of todays mobile workforce takes years of experience, Unified Consultancy are experts in 802.1 AC and AX wifi and can tailor a WiFi solution to any working environment.


Regardless of what network fixture is required, Unified Consultancy has a team of engineers which are certified and experienced in designing, deploying, and maintaining the backbone of your network.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing has quickly transformed from a convenient way to hold meetings over distance into the engine that drives the hybrid work environment. No offices or meeting rooms are alike, and Unified Consultancy can offer expert advice on both design and deployment of today’s best conferencing options.

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Collaboration drives innovation, better decision making, and faster to market success. Unified Consultancy can streamline your office workflow and meeting room efficiency via 4k and 8k content sharing, or meeting room scheduling solutions.

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Unified Consultancy offers industry-leading security services and Next Generation Firewalls designed specifically for organisations to secure their wired and WiFi networks as well as insuring compliance with data protection regulations.


Digital signage continues to play a growing role in information sharing and engagement for offices, brands and retailers. Get the word out with fully customizable Digital Signage solutions from Unified Consultancy. 

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CCTV systems provide peace of mind that your important assets are monitored, and with thermal imaging abilities your employees are protected from viruses like Covid-19. Unified Consultancy can design a CCTV system to cover any building, for any purpose.