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Wired Networking

Wired Networking Services:

  • Comms/Server Room Assesment

  • Physical and Logical Network Design

  • Equipment Deployment and Configuration

  • Network Optimisation

As the backbone for most organization’s data and productivity, your network infrastructure needs to support and adapt to constantly changing conditions and needs. At Unified Consultancy we understand the importance of designing and deploying network infrastructure that balances flexibility, reliability, and cost.

Whether it’s a design for a new site or facility, upgrading your existing network to modern multi-gigabit standards, or simply adding new functionality, such as advanced UPoE/UPoE+ support or setting up SD-WAN solutions, UCL has focused and experienced engineers to meet your organizations requirements and maximize the return on your networking investment.

Through our years of experience supporting multiple technologies and network applications in almost every type of networking environment, we can offer expert level analysis of your organizations network, identifying areas for improvement, advising on new technologies or equipment, overseeing procurement and installation, all with the support and success of your business in mind.

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