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Digital Signage

Digital Signage and IPTV Services:

  • A/V Surveying and Needs Assesment

  • Equipment Installation and Configuration

  • WiFi and Wired Networks for Signage and TV Devices

  • Content Platform Set-up 

  • Training on Content Platforms for staff.

Whether you are a large business looking to install dynamic digital signs in an ever changing environment, a small take out restaurant needing easily changeable menus, or just looking for a way to put basic information in one place, Unified Consultancy can help with your Digital Signage needs.

Every project is different, and we will consider the objectives, target audiences, technologies, and your budget to put a plan together. From screen selection, signage platforms, to design and installation, UCL can help you make the right choices for your signage needs.



IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, has changed the way television content can be distributed within an organization. Through IPTV the content you wish to display can be captured, encoded, and transmitted over your existing data network, using your existing cabling, to any screen within your facility - without the need for separate and expensive analog cables.

Unified Consultancy has experience with multiple leading IPTV technologies and can design, deploy, and configure an IPTV network that meets your organizations exact requirements. In combination with our digital signage offerings that same television content can be combined with any other information your organization would like displayed, delivering state of the art multimedia information.

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