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Public Venues



Fast WiFi in pubs, bars, and restaurants is more important than ever - customers want to be able to browse the news, coordinate with their friends, tag their groups, upload pictures of their food and drinks, so that constant connection is a must-have. A modern WiFi network from Unified Consultancy can not only provide the internet access that patrons have come to expect, but put a specific focus on guest portal experience, making the process of getting online as easy as a single button.




The demand for WiFi in large scale venues, such as convention centres and concert venues has also increased over the last few years, and those situations come with particular challenges in terms of network capacity and ensuring individual users have adequate speed. Unified Consultancy has years of experience dealing with large scale venues and specialized WiFi installations for high density environments and can design, deploy, and tune a WiFi network that will meet your venue and your customers specific needs.



  • Fast, reliable WiFi to support your customers, speakers and guests.

  • Easy to access guest networks for guests and conference visitors.

  • Increase in Business attention when internet can be guaranteed for a venue.

  • Cloud managed WiFi for easy configuration and control.

  • Improved customer reviews (WiFi is frequently cited as a very important aspect of guest experience).

  • Customer data tracking to support future marketing campaigns.

  • Customer location tracking for added usage analytics.




Whether you run a bar or pub, concert hall or convention centre - Audio and Video components are going to be crucial to your day to day operations. From Digital Signage that allows you to constantly change your menus and information displays, IP radio and IPTV to play music or have the latest football match above the bar, up to large scale deployments such as Video Walls and concert PA systems, Unified Consultancy can deliver an A/V design that is perfect for your business. With years of design and installation experience with numerous A/V platforms, we can advise for exactly what you need to get the perfect media setup.



  • Digital Signage Platforms can deliver information on the fly, with edits taking seconds

  • Self sign-in kiosks and other types of interactive media can be deployed for event halls and convention centres.

  • IP Radio and IP Television installations can run media to any screen or speaker on your premises.

  • Video Wall installations can be a centerpiece for information sharing or concert experiences - either screen walls built from multiple units or LED displays from manufacturers such as Absen.

Image by Ryan Plomp
Image by Noiseporn
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