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Meeting Room Integrated Solutions

Unified Consultancy offers combined Meeting Room A/V and Networking services as an integrated package to simplfy the acquisition and installation process for your business. We can design and deploy a bespoke mix of cutting edge technologies to fit all your needs, for any working space you require – even unused space in your facility can be transformed into a productive meeting space with only a small amount of integrated technology.

Our meeting room solutions will enable you to work collaboratively with colleagues and clients regardless of where they are on the planet, share content and media to displays that can either be fixed screens or interactive touchscreens, control the scheduling of meeting rooms with intuitive booking tablets, and even repurpose the screens as digital signage displays to get crucial information to your employees when the room is not in use.

We consider a wide range of technologies and vendors when designing your meeting room space – all suggested based on your productivity objectives and always with your budget in mind. When paired with our state of the art wired and WiFi networks you are guaranteed a working environment that is not only reliable - but fast, efficient, and cost effective as well.

Our Meeting Room Solutions Include:

  • Full HD / 4k Display OR Touchscreen Smartboard

  • Wireless Content Sharing

  • Integrated Audio and Video Conferencing

  • Room Scheduling Tablets

Image by Benjamin Child
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