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A robust WiFi network is not only essential for the administration and daily operation of Hospitals and Clinics, but the demand for a reliable, fast connection for patients and visitors is increasing rapidly. As healthcare tools and medical equipment become increasingly connected for ease of operation and patient recordkeeping, having a network that can keep up with that demand becomes all the more important. Meanwhile, patients themselves have greater demands when it comes to having a way to communicate with their families and friends, as well as being able to stream content on their mobile devices.


Unified Consultancy will take the needs of both hospital staff and their patients in mind while designing a WiFi solution that will meet the demand of modern healthcare providers while complying with data and patient information protection schemes - providing a network that is not only reliable and fast, but one that keeps critical healthcare information secure as well.




  • Fast, secure WiFi to support the needs of your healthcare professionals and patients.

  • DPA and GDPR compliant.

  • Easy to access guest networks for visitors and support staff - including NHS WiFi.

  • Cloud managed WiFi for easy configuration and control.

  • Scalable infrastructure that can grow with your organisation and patients needs.

  • Wifi tracking for important equipment.

  • Wifi footfall traffic monitoring for patient areas.




From GP's collaborating with Specialists, dynamic sharing of medical records and documents, to patient room content delivery, the healthcare sector has many avenues which stand to benefit from a modern A/V deployment. Audio and video conferencing can improve communication between healthcare professionals, collaboration systems and wireless screen sharing technologies can streamline consultations, and new IPTV systems can deliver content directly to patients rooms on demand, vastly improving their experience.



  • Collaboration systems increase efficiency in medical consults.

  • Next generation Audio/Visual conferencing improves communication within healthcare organizations.

  • IPTV deployments can deliver on demand content to patient rooms, improving experience and satisfaction.

  • Room Scheduling devices improve conference/meeting/patient room efficiency.

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