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Technology has radically changed education - Schools and Universities around the UK are beginning to implement the next generation of tools used to educate tomorrow’s workforce and support the student experience - fast, reliable, and secure WiFi networks will be at the heart of that effort.


Internet access, smartboards, high resolution educational content, and even BYOD policies illustrate that the needs and demands of the education sector are dramatically different than what they were even a few years ago. Unified Consultancy can predict these demands and deliver a high performance WiFi solution to support students and the institutions that educate them.


  • Fast, secure WiFi to support the needs of your institution.

  • Easy to access guest networks for students and visitors - including Eduroam.

  • Cloud managed WiFi for easy configuration and control.

  • Scalable infrastructure that can grow with your institutions and students needs.



Schools and Universities stand to benefit enormously from audio/visual systems such as smartboards to display educational content, learning hubs to improve collaboration in group environments, and other interactive tools to support students with an increasing aptitude for technology.


  • Collaboration systems and learning hubs can improve productivity in group situations.

  • Next generation conference systems can improve communication between educators and students.

  • Smartboards can display many types of interactive content.

Image by Brooke Cagle
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