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Digital Signage Integrated Solutions

Our Digital Signage Solution Includes:

  • Full HD or 4k Screens to suit your specific needs

  • A choice in Digital Signage devices to run your content

  • Setup on Appspace, our preffered content platform

  • Installation and Deployment of all equipment 

  • Training and learning material for Employees

Having screens to display content on is only one aspect of a complete Digital Signage design – from the devices that run the signage, extended functionality such as interactive kiosks or meeting room booking systems, the choice between on premises or cloud content, and the data network that will keep all devices connected and constantly updated - having a complete digital signage solution that will work out of the box can bring you peace of mind and keep you focused on the important information you wish to communicate.

Unified Consultancy offers an integrated solution for Digital Signage that will pair our expert design and installation of screen systems and data networking with the devices and services that will run your signage – we can offer experience in a variety of hardware to suit whatever room or task you require as well as getting you set up and trained on Appspace, which is our preferred cloud managed content system, allowing you up update your signage from anywhere on Earth with a few clicks.

From a single screen in a small office, a network of displays around an office building, or a video wall made up of many displays, you can stream a variety of content with Appspace – everything from static images and text to interactive video, integrated MS Exchange information and schedules, slideshows, and even IP Television and other forms of streaming video. We can also integrate Appspace with your meeting room booking system to provide interactive tablets that will double as both scheduling displays for room appointments and signage displays when there are no meetings scheduled.

Image by Eric Karim Cornelis
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