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CCTV & Thermal Imaging

CCTV Services:

  • Security Site Analysis and Design

  • Installation and Configuration of Equipment

  • Calibration of Thermal Cameras

  • WiFi and Wired Networking for Security Appliances

CCTV, or Closed Circuit Television, is the standard for security camera systems everywhere. Unified Consultancy can assist in the design and installation of a security camera network that will meet all of your organizations requirements, and all through your existing data network.

From camera vendors, the recording and archiving system, to the data switches needed to provide power over ethernet (PoE) to the cameras, UCL can help with the technical know how and years of experience to give you the peace of mind that a quality CCTV design will bring. 

A new category of CCTV involves using thermal cameras to monitor employees temperature for signs of viral infection, such as the early stages of Covid-19. This will allow you to flag potential carriers and take them aside for a more thorough check before they can become a risk to your employees. These cameras can also tell from a distance if an employee is wearing a mandated face mask and alert security to individuals not following procedure. 

Whether you are planning on deploying a new CCTV system or seeking to improve and upgrade your existing security suite, we can help.

Image by Guy Basabose
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