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Demand in Hotels and Hostels for high performance WiFi networks has been increasing for years - as guests and travellers become more connected while on the move, and hotel rooms increasing in use as mobile offices for travelling professionals, the need for a robust WiFi network that can handle both extreme capacity and high speeds has never been clearer. With a next generation WiFi network designed and deployed by Unified Consultancy, your guests will have the peace of mind that they can stay connected while away from the home or office, and your organization will have the infrastructure in place to connect everything from Smart TVs, Digital Locks, and other IoT (Internet of Things) appliances, as well as tracking customer data to support future marketing campaigns. All of which translates into higher satisfaction from your guests and more repeat business.



  • Fast, reliable WiFi to support your staff and guests.

  • Easy to access guest networks for guests and conference visitors.

  • Increase in Business customers due to stable internet access.

  • Cloud managed WiFi for easy configuration and control.

  • Improved customer reviews (WiFi is frequently cited as a very important aspect of guest experience).

  • Customer data tracking to support future marketing campaigns.

  • Provides network for deployment of IoT (Internet of Things) devices




There are many cases to which a modern A/V deployment can improve guest experience - from improved audio and video conferencing and wireless screen sharing in your facilities business centre or conference rooms, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) providing high quality phone service to your rooms, to Smart TVs and IPTV networks to deliver on demand content to your guests screens. Digital signage can be employed for self check in kiosks, food service areas, and convention/meeting rooms.



  • Video Conferencing and Content Sharing in conference rooms can increase business customers.

  • VoIP phone systems can provide high quality phone service using your existing data network.

  • IPTV deployments can deliver on demand content to guest rooms.

  • Digital Signage can be used to display information, be an interactive concierge, check in guests.

Image by Justin DoCanto
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