Local Government WiFi

Why should local government embrace mobile technologies?


Local Governments are under increasing pressure to deliver services to their constituents more efficiently whilst simultaneously having their budgets drastically cut. Many local authorities are achieving this by leveraging technology and smarter ways of working. By 'cutting the cord' and embracing mobile technologies such smartphones, tablets and laptops, councils are able to deliver innovative, flexible solutions which deliver a better level of service for less cost. 

Why choose Unified Consultancy for your next Local Government WiFi project?

Unified Consultancy has a strong history of providing WiFi solutions and consultancy to local governments and supports wireless networks with multiple thousands of concurrent client devices everyday. Security and compliance must always be one of the key considerations when designing a wireless network and Unified Consultancy can design, implement and support a CoCo, CESG Manual Y or AP12 compliant WiFi network.

Case studies, references and site visits are available upon request.



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