Covid 19 Response

Our Covid-19 Response Solution Includes:

  • WiFi Networks with location tracking and traffic alerts

  • Thermal Cameras to identify those elevated skin temperatures

  • Occupancy Sensors for rooms and hotdesks 

  • A/V Conferencing systems

  • Digital Signage to advertise any changes in office policy

The Covid-19 Pandemic has been a shock for the world – with many businesses required to suspend operations and a new focus on employee health and safety, there has been enormous interest in technological solutions to mitigate the spread of the virus as well as a renewed attention for remote working and teleconferencing systems.

As your employees begin the return to the workplace, having a reliable wireless network will ensure that they have connectivity whenever they are on site, however there are other benefits that can help – from wireless tracking to determine high traffic areas in need of more cleaning to warning systems which can alert staff when areas are over capacity, a modern wireless network from Unified Consultancy can provide the data your organization needs to create mitigation strategies while social distancing rules remain in place.

And while those rules are in place, hotdesking and meeting room management will be more important than ever – occupancy sensors for these locations can generate detailed analytics for your facilities team, with details on exactly which spaces are used and for how long, allowing better use of space while supporting social distancing.

For employees that will continue to work from home, having  reliable conferencing options is a must to insure communication with those returning to the office – from large conference rooms to huddle spaces and meeting areas, Unified Consultancy can design and install conferencing systems to keep your employees connected.

Digital signage can also play a role in the pandemic response – as workers return to their workplaces, there will undoubtedly be changes in health and safety policy awaiting them. This information needs to be displayed in a way that communicates the importance of these policies but can adapt to changing demands in mitigation efforts. Our digital signage offerings are cloud driven and able to be updated from a few clicks of a mouse, making sure everyone will get the message.  

Image by CDC