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Whatever the size of your business - from a small shop to a busy office with hundreds of employees - the importance of a stable, fast WiFi connection cannot be understated. A trend towards mobile workflows, internet of things (IoT) devices, and access to cloud services have changed the way the modern workplace operates, and keeping your staff connected has never been more essential. Clients and visitors now frequently bring their own devices to meetings and will need a secure guest network. Unified Consultancy can offer business WiFi solutions to ensure that your company's individual needs are met, all while meeting the highest standards for security and data protection.


  • Fast, reliable WiFi to support your workforce.

  • Easy to access guest networks for clients and visitors.

  • Cloud managed WiFi for easy configuration and control.

  • Scalable infrastructure can grow with your business.

  • Provides flexibility for workers coming back after Covid-19.

  • Enterprise Grade Hardware.

  • Next Business Day Replacement of faulty equipment.

  • 24 Hour Support.



Successful businesses thrive on clear communication and collaboration; and technology today makes these objectives easier than ever. From voice and video conferencing systems to intuitive content sharing platforms, it's never been easier to streamline office meetings, share vital information to the employees that need it most, and maximize your business productivity.


  • Collaboration systems streamline workplace productivity.

  • Next generation Audio/Visual conferencing improves business communication.

  • Room Scheduling devices improve conference/meeting room efficiency.

Image by Stephen Dawson
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